No more worries about

stains and unwanted odors 

on your sofas, carpets, curtains, or mattresses. 

At Top Clean Company, we are committed to offering the best for your home. Using the most advanced and innovative techniques, we ensure that your house is cleaned and revitalized like never before. Our team pays meticulous attention to details because we believe that excellence lies in the small elements.​


Na Top Clean Company, estamos comprometidos em oferecer o melhor para sua casa. Utilizando as técnicas mais avançadas e inovadoras, garantimos que sua casa seja limpa e revigorada como nunca antes. Nossa equipe presta atenção meticulosa aos detalhes, pois acreditamos que a excelência está nos pequenos detalhes.

Our Services

Deep & hygienic sofa cleaning

Did you know that keeping the upholstery clean is fundamental to your health and your family's well being? Especially for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

We provide customers with a thorough, deep, and effective cleaning process. Our treatment ensures deep cleaning without excessive moisture, enhancing drying and avoiding the typical discomfort of traditional washing 

Curtain sanitizing

We're dedicated to providing more than just cleaning. Our approach encompasses your home's health and well-being. We want you to breathe better and live with quality. When it comes to improving air quality, small steps make a big difference. Start by transforming your environment through sanitizing your curtains. 

Bed headboard deep cleaning

Enjoy perfect nights of sleep with the professional cleaning of the bed headboard offered by Top Clean Company. Ensure a clean and cozy environment for your well-deserved rest.  

Office Deep Cleaning and Decontamination 

Ensure a safe and healthy office with proper cleaning and decontamination! Top Clean Company offers specialized services to provide a germ-free environment. Take care of your employees and clients' well-being, schedule now! 

Sanitized mattress

Revitalize your sleep with Top Clean Company's expertise! We take care of mattress decontamination and sanitization, ensuring peaceful nights free from stains